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In February 2019, Reuben Brothers become a major shareholder in hiSky, an innovative provider of satellite-based telecom services. The Israeli company has received a substantial grant from the European space agency and plans to develop a R&D base in the UK. hiSky’s mission is to become an international provider of solutions such as network connectivity, devices, device management and web reporting application.

The company’s comprehensive solution is affordable, reliable, simple to use, and with an accessible interface to all kinds of sensors. The product roadmap targets both commercial voice and data services, as well as IoT/M2M applications to support assets like rail cars, irrigation systems & utility meters. hiSky is aiming to launch its first products by Q1 2020.

hiSky’s system comprises of satellite terminals, a hub base stations, a mobile application and application servers. The network operates using GEO satellites, and the technology integrated in hiSky products is developed in-house.

Anyone with a mobile device can install the hiSky app on a smartphone or tablet and use hiSky’s small, lightweight, Smartellite™ satellite terminals.   The Smartellite™, will automatically locate a satellite and connect to the mobile device via WiFi.  The Smartellite™ will cost only a fraction of the price of other solutions, enabling people to finally feel free to talk as long as they like.

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